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Walt Reynolds On Lake Okeechobee

Interview by Joe Cornwall

Audio Editing and Production by Jim Stuard


Walt Reynolds is an expert on Florida fishing and bass fishing in general as the picture demonstrates. Walt's made a living on the professional bass fishing circuit for 38 years. Heís been a touring professional on the Bassmasterís Top 150 and Bassmasterís Open and the FLW. Heís retired from guiding now, but he's always been known as a top-rated guide. Walt's owned marinas in Missouri and Texas and he currently resides in Florida.  Walt Reynolds is the marketing director for Roland Martin Productions, Jimmy Houston Outdoors and Mark Sosinís Saltwater Journal. He's been seen on dozens of TV fishing shows, including Fishing with Roland Martin, TNN Bassmasters, ESPN Outdoors, Jimmy Houston Outdoors, Fishing Canada with Angelo Viola and Outdoor Journal.   You can visit Walt on the web at his BassnEdge web site.

In this fascinating show Walt takes us through the opportunities offered by the second largest lake in the United States.  Lake Okeechobee covers more than 740 square miles and features mile upon mile of shallow, productive water.  From acres of brim beds to cruising largemouth that consider a 12" shiner a light snack, this might be the freshwater fly fisherman's last "undiscovered" resource!  Lake Okeechobee isn't without its threats, however.  Check out these important web sites to learn how the big lake is both one of the most unique and productive habitats in the world and one of the most threatened:


Okeechobee Watershed Management


Lake Okeechobee FAQs


In-Lake Projects


Lake Okeechobee Documents


Using the Okeechobee Waterway


Be sure to visit the Conservancy Site of Southwest Florida for information about access and conservation efforts, also. 


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The Fly Fish Ohio team would like to thank Brian Lovely and his band the Faux Frenchmen for use of their music on the intro and exit of this production. 

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