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Dave and Emily Whitlock

Interview by Joe Cornwall

Audio Editing and Production by Jim Stuard


Dave Whitlock Photo

In the world of fly fishing there aren't many names more recognizable than Whitlock.  Dave and Emily have become true ambassadors of the sport, teaching and motivating all those who find peace, joy and challenge in the pursuit of game fish with the long rod.  The Fly Fish Ohio team caught up with the Whitlocks at a regional appearance and captured a wonderful interview.  You'll enjoy their candor and sincerity and have a chance to glimpse the real passion for the sport that Dave and Emily, fishing's "First Couple", bring to the art of angling.   You can learn more about Dave and Emily on their web page, www.davewhitlock.com.

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The Fly Fish Ohio team would like to thank Brian Lovely and his band the Faux Frenchmen for use of their music on the intro and exit of this production.  Thanks also to Fly and Shot Outfitters for hosting the interview.

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