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Cabela's Super II Vise

First Impressions.  Did the vise come in an attractive package?  Was it well packed and would the packaging serve as storage for the vise?  2.00


Directions, literature, parts lists and documentation?  Does this vise come with a set of directions that explain care and maintenance of the product?  Are there illustrations of the parts in case you need to order an accessory or replace a missing part?  Are there well written directions explaining calibration and set-up of the vise?  1.00


Vise fit and finish.  Is this a well finished product?  Did it communicate quality right out of the box?  2.00


C-Clamp quality:  Is the clamp well designed?  Did the clamp provide a solid, immobile mounting system for the vice?  Did it remain tight through a long session of tying?  Did it mark, or have the potential to damage the surface of the table to which it's clamped?  2.67


Vise stem finish, adjustability and length. Is the vise flexible in placement for a number of tiers and table heights?  2.33


Smoothness of operation of vise jaws.  Were they easy to open and close?  Are the jaws easy to calibrate for various hooks?  Do the jaws remain in the calibrated position or is it necessary to readjust the jaws after a few flies?  2.00


Rotation and adjustability.  Is the vise capable of rotating?   If so, was the rotating mechanism smooth and robust?   Use N/A if this vise doesn’t feature rotability.  2.67


Jaw grip, hold and clearance.  Does the vise hold the hook stable under both vertical and horizontal pressures?  Is there access to tie on any type of hook in the normal size range?  Can it reliably hold different sizes of hooks?  All vises must hold a minimum of size 20 to 2/0 to rate a 4 or better unless they are purposed designed and labeled as being designed for a specific hook size (tube, midge or saltwater, for instance).  2.33


Accessories. Is the vise capable of being customized with a bobbin cradle, material clip, background card, parachute tool, waste receptacle, etc.?  A good vise should have a material clip included as part of its design. 2.00


Reviewer’s Choice.  There is no category for this.  This is a gauge of “goose-bump” factor.  Did you like this vise?  Could you forget about the tool and do the job?  2.33


Country where manufactured?  India







2.13 Overall Rating

MSRP   $16.99


Jim's Comments - Definitely the best house branded vise that Cabela's sells. It has decent rotary capability and changing any of the three jaws, included, was easy. The c-clamp was the best of the Cabela's vises as well. It's made of some lighter alloy and was easy to set up. You're probably going to wear out any of the Cabela's vises, due to the softness of the jaws. You'll also be fussing with adjusting the jaw pressure on hooks, much the same as the rest of the Cabela's vises. That said, If I was a complete beginner that wanted to try out the hobby and didn't have a boatload of cash, I'd consider the Super II. You're still going to want to move to a better tool after tying for a while, but it's not going to make you want to take up needlepoint.

Jim's Rating - 2.30


Joe's Comments - Typical of so many inexpensive vises, this one has issues with the jaw holding its adjustment. You'll fight with this tool a bit, but at $16.99 its almost mean for me to point this out. The box and packing won't win any awards, and instructions are non-existent. The vise held a size 8 hook for me to tie a woolly bugger just fine, but totally showed its pedigree when I tried to tie a simple hair bug. The hook slipped all over the place. That said, for size 14 to size 4 simple flies this is useable and serviceable. I wouldn't want to have it as my permanent vise, nor would I suggest a club using a bunch for instruction. I just don't see this lasting under tough use. But for a first taste for someone on a tight budget this might be a way to get started. This is actually a good vise to buy if you are going to be using an airbrush to work on cork bugs or something similar. If you just want to hold the hook it works, and that is what its designed to do.

Joe's Rating - 2.00


Mark's Comments - This is a simple vise that would suit most beginners just fine. No instructions but most could figure it out, it has a crude but surprisingly effective rotary option and also comes with 2 spare jaws for bigger and smaller flies although the #18 was just fine in the standard set of jaws.  Nothing fancy here but a simple workable vise.

Mark's Rating - 2.10




Manufacturer's Comments -

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