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Bass Pro Crown Vise


Averaged Scores By Category...


First Impressions.  Did the vise come in an attractive package?  Was it well packed and would the packaging serve as storage for the vise?  4.00


Directions, literature, parts lists and documentation?  Does this vise come with a set of directions that explain care and maintenance of the product?  Are there illustrations of the parts in case you need to order an accessory or replace a missing part?  Are there well written directions explaining calibration and set-up of the vise? 1.00


Vise fit and finish.  Is this a well finished product?  Did it communicate quality right out of the box?  3.00


C-Clamp quality:  Is the clamp well designed?  Did the clamp provide a solid, immobile mounting system for the vice?  Did it remain tight through a long session of tying?  Did it mark, or have the potential to damage the surface of the table to which it's clamped?  3.50


Vise stem finish, adjustability and length. Is the vise flexible in placement for a number of tiers and table heights?  3.50


Smoothness of operation of vise jaws.  Were they easy to open and close?  Are the jaws easy to calibrate for various hooks?  Do the jaws remain in the calibrated position or is it necessary to readjust the jaws after a few flies?  3.67


Rotation and adjustability.  Is the vise capable of rotating?   If so, was the rotating mechanism smooth and robust?   Use N/A if this vise doesn’t feature rotability.  3.33


Jaw grip, hold and clearance.  Does the vise hold the hook stable under both vertical and horizontal pressures?  Is there access to tie on any type of hook in the normal size range?  Can it reliably hold different sizes of hooks?  All vises must hold a minimum of size 20 to 2/0 to rate a 4 or better unless they are purposed designed and labeled as being designed for a specific hook size (tube, midge or saltwater, for instance).  3.33


Accessories. Is the vise capable of being customized with a bobbin cradle, material clip, background card, parachute tool, waste receptacle, etc.?  A good vise should have a material clip included as part of its design. 2.33


Reviewer’s Choice.  There is no category for this.  This is a gauge of “goose-bump” factor.  Did you like this vise?  Could you forget about the tool and do the job?  3.00


Country where manufactured?  Assembled in the USA, Imported Material









3.03 Overall Rating

MSRP   $49.95


Jim's Comments - My first tying vise was a Crown that I purchased off of EBay eight years ago, so I have a soft spot for this tool. I used it with good results for four years until I picked up my Renzetti Traveler. The one overriding concern that most shop owners and tiers have with the vise is the fact that the jaws have a tendency to chip if you put too small a hook in the vise. Joe Cornwalls' go-to vise and the tool he's used in the Adventure's In Fly Tying  Podcast until now is a Regal. The Crown is essentially a clone of the Regal jaws. In my opinion this is the category winner for the under $50  vises. It's got a great case, a c-clamp AND a pedestal base, two stems and the correct hex wrench! Add to that it's great hook holding properties and you have a fantastic tool. How could you go wrong copying the bulldog grip design of the Regal vise head? Well, while the Crowns hook holding properties are great, the rotation of the vise is kind of spotty. It just doesn't adjust well and changing the stems isn't near as elegant as the Griffin design of adding an inline extension. That said, if I were a rank beginner on a budget, I'd seriously consider the Crown as my first vise.....Again.

Jim's Rating - 3.10


Joe's Comments - Holy smokes! A vise at this price point that comes in a wood presentation box?! Amazing! On opening the heavy box you can't help but be impressed with the inclusion of a pedestal AND c-clamp. There are both long and short vise stems for easy positioning. The jaws are in the style of Regal and held with similar determination. A little rougher than a Regal product in its smoothness of operation, this Bass Pro knock-out never-the-less impresses with shear mass. A tip to the Bass Pro folks - add an instruction sheet with care and set-up tips! Is one page that hard to pull off? I think this might be the last best deal in fly tying.  I can see this product lasting someone years, though as your chops grow you may find this tool lacking that last ounce of precision. For $50 that certainly isn't something to complain about. Oh yeah, and I tied a few flies on it, too. I was just peachy with the results...

Joe's Rating - 3.00


Mark's Comments - This vise comes in a very nice padded wooden carrying case but once you take all the pieces out, figuring out how to repack it was a task I never figured out. No instructions. This vise uses a squeeze cam design and I like this for cranking out a majority of similar sized flies, easy to load and unload the hook, The vise has a nice gold finish and comes with two different post heights, a c-clamp that allows you to clamp to twice the thickness of most C clamps. This set also includes a nice quality pedestal base. I liked the setup here and would recommend this to anyone who is looking to move up to a nicer quality vise without spending the big bucks! I give this one a thumbs up!

Mark's Rating - 3.00


Manufacturer's Comments -

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