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Robert Ramsay - AFFTA President

Interview by Joe Cornwall

Audio Editing and Production by Jim Stuard


Hired December 1, 2005 as AFFTA's first full time President, Robert is committed to leading the fly fishing industry's efforts to grow the sport's consumer market. A life long fly angler and former guide, Robert has worked in some of the world's finest fly fishing destinations including the American West, Argentina and the Ponoi River, Russia. As the key spokesman and advocate for the sport of fly fishing, he recognizes the critical link between healthy, accessible fly waters and the ability to recruit and retain enthusiastic participants. With a greater focus on providing enhanced member benefits and services, Robert is dedicated to building a stronger AFFTA and healthier Fly Fishing Industry

Fly Fish Ohio caught up with Robert after the 2007 Fly Fishing Retailer trade show.  We discussed the future of fly fishing as an industry and as a sport.  Our topics include, tackle and gear issues, standards,  and issues of diversity and recruitment in an industry environment that many see as declining in opportunity and participation.  Is it?  What does AFFTA do and what should it do to ensure the future of fly fishing. You'll get the answers directly from the fellow whose job is to bring unity and direction to the business behind the quiet sport!  Don't miss this important Fly Fish Ohio interview!

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