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Fly Box Porn  ─  Part 6

Jerry Goldsmith - In Love With Water 

Jerry Goldsmith's earliest memories include sitting on the rocks, with his Dad, in the early morning at Sakonnet Point in Little Compton, RI. The lantern would burn, the cocoa was hot and the anticipation of a striper swallowing the live eel swimming deep below started a lifelong passion for all things fishing. For the past 30 years, Jerry has explored and fished the coastal secrets and inner sweet waters of central Florida with an 8-weight fly rod. Jerry is an accomplished fly fisherman and fly tier. A frequent demonstration tier at fly fishing shows and conclaves, Jerry is an occasional contributor to local fishing periodicals and websites. Most of his trips are now done by kayak.


Jerry says when you think of red fishing with a fly rod you should really think of hunting.  You very seldom cast, unless you can see the fish.  The beauty of fishing for them with a kayak is that you can get remarkably close.  Of course the downside about fishing for them with a kayak is that you can get remarkably close, often too close!  Yes, both of those things are true! Without the aid of  a polling platform your visibility is limited to those fish that you can see, and if you can see them they can see you.  The best opportunities come when you're able to spot tails.  Jerry adds that a bit of luck never hurts.


Many trips are exercises in paddling and looking.  Blind casting for redfish is usually a fruitless and arm wearying experience. However, when you suspect that sea trout are about, blind casting can be an effective way to catch them.  "That's why the seaducer flies are in my fly box," says Jerry. "I'd be hard-pressed to name another fly from the classic era of saltwater fly tying that has produced more  fish in Florida than the seaducer."  Jerry likes his seaducers big and bushy, adding that size 1/0 to 3/0 in red/white or chartreuse/white are just fine most of the time.

One unique fly from Jerry's selection is the Mangrove Muddler.  "Both snook and redfish will hang in the shallows, right up against the mangrove roots. You need a fly that is weedless, and will land rather softly. This fly does both and between the deer hair head and the gold flash, it becomes quite noticeable to fish in the mangrove roots. Because it is tied on a small hook it casts quite well and is perfect for the 50 to 60 foot casts that are the most common for kayaking on the flats."


The flies below will cover 90% of your Florida inshore needs.  They also are a fine selection for trips north and east for stripers, bluefish and squeteague.  And, the same selection is a fine start on a largemouth/smallmouth/pike box, too!  In the world of fly fishing there is always an equal opportunity for a hot bite!

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Polar Fiber Minnow

A terrific guide down here, Capt. John Meskauskas, turned me onto this fly for snook on the docks, especially at night. It is simply outstanding for that purpose. I am pretty sure this fly was originally tied by Paul van Reenan.

Polar Fiber Minnow

I tie it with 3 layers of polar fibre: 1st is white , 2nd is light tan (they actually make a color called shrimp), 3rd black. Stripes and dashes added with very fine marker


I mentioned that I very seldom blind cast for Reds. However, there are those mornings when you’re on a flat just as the sun is coming up, and, while you’re not exactly sure, you have a hunch that reds are about. That's the time to spread a little Magic. Nothing is more exciting than having a hefty Red attack a top water fly!!

Mangrove Muddler

Created by Dr. Aaron Adams of the Mote Marine Laboratory, this flly is an excellent imitation of the ubiquitous killifish found among the mangrove roots thoughout Florida. Killifish are to a gamefish what buffalo chicken wings are to an NCAA basketball fan!.

Caroline's Shrimpi Variation


This is the same Caroline Shrimpi that is shown above. This one does not have the bead chain eyes. I use it in very shallow water, or when the fish are especially spooky and I want to minimize noise and splash.

Caroline's Shrimpi

Designed by a local tier named Charlie McFadden, this is absolutely my number one fly. I always start with this fly if I can see a tailing red. I've added a slight twist to this fly; I now fish it using a Mustad C71S Stainless steel circle streamer hook- I tie the fly on # 2, 4 , & 6 hooks

Classic Seaducer

Chartreuse Seaducer



I must confess that I am not a huge fan of crab patterns. I simply find that other patterns are easier to cast and easy to tie. However, in the areas I fish there are black drum. They love crabs!

DuPrey Spoon Fly