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Blonde Siblings - A Look At Related Patterns

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Listed below are flies that bear a striking family resemblance to the Blonde or otherwise incorporate Blonde ideas into their construction. These patterns help illustrate that in fly fishing, as in so much of life, original work often springs simultaneously from many fountains as though forced into being by the back-pressure of creativity married to the insistence of necessity.  The time was right for these ideas to develop.  The technology, techniques and fisheries then opening demanded such solutions.  Though new solutions and patterns are polished, buffed and painted to a fare-thee-well, they are still based on the same concepts shown here. The classic patterns work as well today as they ever did, and for all the same reasons.


Bart Forth Bucktail
Hook: Eagle Claw 254, 3/0
Thread: Red
Body: Red thread
Wing: Five small bunches of long bucktail tied in series along the top of the hook’s shank. The first 3 are white, 4th blue and 5th white. Varnish each tie with head cement as you go.







Rhode Tarpon Bucktail
Hook: Eagle Claw 254, 2/0
Thread: Yellow
Tail: White bucktail, about 3 “ long.
Body: Yellow thread.
Wing: Olive bucktail about 3” long tied to top of hook’s shank.




Stroud Ozark Bucktail
Hook: Mustad 3369, size 2
Tail: White Bucktail
Body: Red Thread
Wing: White and Red Bucktail

This was a featured fly in Adventured in Fly Tying. 

Click the link  to be taken to step-by-step instructions and the fly tying video!






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