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Great Bay Rod Company WB 664-2


Score 2.93


6' 6", 4-Piece, MSRP $329.99, AA  61, ERN  3.12




Great Bay Rod Company W664 (6' 6" 4pc) Paul Jeremy Jim Joe Composite Score
1.)  Rod Tube, Sock and Presentation 4 4 4 3 3.75
2.)  Grip and Reel Seat 5 2 2 3 3
3.)  Hook Keeper, Label and Rod Markings 3 3 2 3 2.75
4.)  Guides, Ferrules and Tip-Top 3 2 3 3 2.75
5.)  Short Distance Casting 4 1 3 3 2.75
6.)  Medium and Long Distance Casting 4 3 4 2 3.25
7.)  Roll Casting 2 1 4 2 2.25
8.)  Accuracy and Delicacy of Fly Delivery 4 3 3 3 3.25
9.)  Fish Handling 3 3 2 3 2.75
10.)  Reviewer's Prerogative 3 2 3 3 2.75
Composite Score 3.50 2.40 3.00 2.80 2.93


Jim Stuard's Comments: As with all the Great Bay rods, it has a nice tube that you could probably use as a weapon in a bar fight. The stenciling is difficult to read. I like snake guides and the general aesthetics of the rod. Some of the best wraps and tipping of all the rods in the shootout. Points for alignment dots. On the whole, itís a better 3wt, as it only loads well with a lot of line out. Best of the Great Bay rods but needs a bit more refinement.


Joe Cornwall's Comments: This is a good looking rod that felt shorter than it's 6'6" stature in my hands. While I think the quality of the cork seat is beyond reproach, it's simply too big for the rod.  The balance point with the diminutive Bass Pro reel is at the mid-point of the grip, and this makes the rod more apt to throw tailing loops in my hands.  Be careful with anything over 3 ounces fully loaded.  The rod has speed and power, but I found it difficult to control that power and find a delicate delivery that retained a sense of confidence. I tend to favor slower to medium action fly rods, this is a fast action design.  Beyond 25-feet I was hoping to hit my target, not simply delivering the fly without conscious thought. Maybe that's the problem, I had to think a lot about the rod while I was using it.  It felt better with the WF3.  The DT2 left almost no feedback at short distances.  The BP DT3 15-meter line was the very best match, in my opinion.  I think this rod might have a place dropping terrestrials into small, protected Pennsylvania spring creeks, but I do so little of that sort of thing that I simply couldn't get excited.


Jeremy Kurtz's Comments: This offering by Great Bay is a graphite 4 piece 6'6Ē rod. The blank is a nice brown color.
Guides are chrome plated single foots. The cork grip is Super grade, and a bit large for a rod this size.  The reel seat is cork with two slide bands. While testing the rod, the reel fell off. The cork seat should be turned down just a bit so that the slide bands can get a better purchase on the reel foot.  This rod is a bit stiff, and I couldn't get it to load up in short with a 2wt line. It can cast a decent long line though. I think that the rod would be better suited with a 3wt line. Not all that smooth to cast, and a bit sluggish.


Paul Feldman's Comments:  The reel seat on this rod is, in my view, the gold standard for a two weight- rod. Itís an all cork reel seat with two slide bands. Light weight is a prime factor when buying an ultra-light rod, and a screw locking all metal reel seat can be a significant percentage of the overall weight of the rod. Besides, slide band reel seats just look right on a delicate, 2 weight rod! The grip is very high quality cork, but slightly larger than I like on a rod this size.  This rod felt nice and light in the hand, but had lots of body and threw a very tight loop. It threw a very accurate short line and was pretty good at longer distances. This was one of my favorite short rods.


Manufacturer's Comments:

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