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Green-Stix Matrix AMF 662-2 


Score 3.23


6' 6", 2-Piece, MSRP $150.00, AA  55, ERN  1.92



Green-Stix Matrix AMF 662-2 (6' 6" 2pc) Paul Jeremy Jim Joe Composite Score
1.)  Rod Tube, Sock and Presentation 1 1 1 1 1
2.)  Grip and Reel Seat 2 2 3 2 2.25
3.)  Hook Keeper, Label and Rod Markings 3 4 2 3 3
4.)  Guides, Ferrules and Tip-Top 3 4 2 3 3
5.)  Short Distance Casting 3 4 4 4 3.75
6.)  Medium and Long Distance Casting 4 3 4 4 3.75
7.)  Roll Casting 3 3 4 4 3.5
8.)  Accuracy and Delicacy of Fly Delivery 4 4 4 5 4.25
9.)  Fish Handling 4 4 4 5 4.25
10.)  Reviewer's Prerogative 3 3 4 4 3.5
Composite Score 3.00 3.20 3.20 3.50 3.23


Jim Stuard's Comments:  What a surprising little rod. It casts a 2wt line beautifully; has a great feel with a fish on but there are some issues with this rod. Aesthetics aren’t going to be this rod’s high points. The first thing you’ll notice is the fighting butt on a 2wt rod. When the manufacturer was asked, he simply stated that it helps keep the rod off the ground while stringing it up. My only suggestion there is to put on a smaller butt so it doesn’t look so clunky. The blank is wrapped fairly well and there are some poorly applied alignment dots. Probably not necessary for a 2 piece rod, but the hand-written graphics require some work to read. Put all the aesthetic issues aside and you have a very functional 2wt rod. I just got one of those eureka moments when casting the Green Stix that only happened with some of the more expensive rods. This is a rod that may grow on you and as such, is my pick for best value in the sub-200 dollar price range.


(Editor's Note: Subsequent conversations with the manufacturer confirmed that while our review rod only came in a well appointed sock, new rods now come in a tube. We reviewed our sample based on how it arrived.)


Joe Cornwall's Comments:  There's a TV show called "Ugly Betty" that's about a girl who's less than pretty, but we find out that inside she's quite a  beautiful person.  Well, this is the fishing equivalent.  When I first pulled this rod out of the tube, I was at a loss for words.  A fighting butt?  A metal reel seat? Surely this was a prank.  There's nothing at all wrong with the build quality,  in fact the epoxy work and cork are much, much better than some of the rods from the big-name houses.  But the aesthetics are a real left turn.  Then I was reminded that one should never judge a book by its cover. Jim was a witness to my discovery and simply kept saying "wait till you cast it."  Holy Smokes, Batman!!!!  This rod does it all!  Roll casts like a champ,  Change-of-direction casts like I do it every day.  Balance with the BP reel was surprisingly good considering the "stuff" on the end of the rod.  It's accurate, it's smooth and it's refined.  And when there's a fish on... Oh my!  Don't be a dope, don't walk away from this sophisticated lady because she doesn't have the figure or wardrobe of the cheerleader across the room.  Trust me, this gal will make you smile - and she's beautiful down deep where it really counts!


Jeremy Kurtz's Comments: This rod is built on an American Tackle Matrix blank. These blanks are available to rod builders and are finished in an attractive green color with a woven graphite over-wrap on the butt section. I personally built a rod on this 2wt blank about a year ago, and it is my go to 2wt at the moment.  The Matrix casts well in close and out to medium distances. It also isn't a slouch at roll casting. The rod is quick, but not stiff and has a decent, yet not all that refined, mid-flex design. The Greenstix rod we received doesn't include a rod tube, just a rod sock. The guides are titanium plated single foot, a nice touch. Wraps and wrap finish are nice. The cork on this rod is Super grade, and the reel seat is all aluminum, and large. It would be better served on a saltwater rod. This rod also has a permanent fighting butt attached. This looks out of place on a 6'6” 2wt. I understand that the fighting butt is put on there to keep your reel from touching the ground when the rod is set down. I would rather see a seat that is better suited to a 2wt rod, and no fighting butt.


Paul Feldman's Comments: This rod comes with no case and is in an unmarked rod bag. The Matrix blank is their usual dark green checkerboard appearing blank, which I find attractive. The strange thing about this rod is that it is a 6 ˝- foot 2 weight- rod with a fighting butt! I suppose that would be useful when Spey casting for creek chubs, or maybe I am missing something. The American flag sticker with “made in USA” at the rod butt was a nice touch!  I have a rod, which I built on a Matrix blank, and like it.  This is a somewhat stiff, fast 2 weight. It does well at all distances and is an accurate, fast fishing tool. This is a short 2-weight, which you can actually fish on a breezy day.


Manufacturer's Comments:

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